CCL: Accelrys Customer Training Workshops for June 2006

 Sent to CCL by: "Jeffrey L Nauss" [jnauss]![]
 Accelrys Inc. are holding the following training workshops during June.  These
 events are designed to help you get more value from your Accelrys software,
 helping you to better accomplish your research goals.
 Costs for the scheduled workshops are 500 per day for all customers.  For the
 on-line presentations, the price is 175 per three hour session for all
 Structure-Based Design in Discovery Studio                      6 June
 Protein Modeling in Discovery Studio                            7 June
 Simulation in Discovery Studio                                  8 June
 Introduction to Life Science Modeling with Insight II     20 - 21 June
 Homology-Based Protein Design                             22 - 23 June
 CHARMm                                                    26 - 27 June
 Structure Based Drug Design with InsightII                28 - 29 June
 Library Design and Analysis with Cerius2                    6 - 7 June
 QSAR with Cerius2                                           8 - 9 June
 Structure Based Drug Design with Cerius2                  12 - 13 June
 Pharmacophore Generation with Catalyst                    14 - 15 June
 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics Modeling                20 - 21 June
 Introduction to Polymer Modeling                          22 - 23 June
 Introduction to MS Modeling                        14 Jun (4pm GMT)
 Accelrys Gene                                      19 Jun (3pm PST)
 Accelrys Gene                                      20 Jun (7am PST)
 MacVector                                          21 Jun (3pm PST)
 MacVector                                          22 Jun (7am PST)
 Introduction to General Modeling using Cerius2     27 Jun (5pm GMT)
 Further details can be found on our website at
 Questions regarding scheduling and content should be directed to
 Jeffrey L. Nauss, Ph.D.
 Lead Training Scientist
 10188 Telesis Court, Suite 100
 San Diego, CA 92121-4779
 Phone: +1-858-799-5555
 Fax: +1-858-799-5100