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Bruce Palfey brupalf|*| wrote:
Sent to CCL by: Bruce Palfey [brupalf^-^]
 I was wondering if people could suggest a good program for manually
 and interactively building protein-ligand or nucleic acid-ligand
 complexes.  Characteristics of the ideal program are:
 - Direct.  I'd like to be able to grab one molecule and maneuver it
 into a position I think is interesting using simple, direct mouse and/
 or keyboard controls.
 - Easily loaded.  The molecules - either macro or micro - would most
 likely come from different pdb files, though support of other formats
 would also be helpful.  A minimum of file preparation/conversion is
 - Intuitive.  The students who pass through my lab should be able to
 just pick it up and go; we need a
 tool to support our research,
 rather than a system to dedicate our efforts to mastering.
 - Available for common cheap platforms.  I'd like to use this on PC's
 in my lab or on my Mac laptop, or both.
 - Supports hardware stereo.  It seems to me that that's the best way
 to build.
 - Free.  Or cheap.  Or at least a good value worthy of an investment.
 I welcome all suggestions, and will summarize what I learn.
 Bruce Palfey
 Department of Biological Chemistry
 University of Michigan Medical School
 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0606
Interchem-Pc has facilities for manual docking. It is free to academics.  You would need the auxiliary program for converting PDB files to Interchem format.

All of the Interprobe software is described on:  

This website has a link to the site from where you can download the software.

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