CCL: ChemAxon: Free provision for non-commercial freely accessible websites

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 ChemAxon announces the launch of the "FreeWeb" package to provide it's
 chemical editing, viewing, search, property calculation and database management
 toolkits at no cost to freely accessible web resources being operated for
 non-commercial purposes. In addition to unlimited licenses, upgrades and support
 will be provided.
 Following from the success of ChemAxon's Academic Package, which gives all
 products free for academic teaching and research, the FreeWeb package aims to
 increase the quality and capabilities of publicly accessible online chemical
 research resources.
 Toolkits included within the package: The Marvin Java applet family for creating
 chemical queries, viewing results and ligand/macromolecular analysis; JChem Base
 and JChem Cartridge to allow chemical searching and database management;
 Standardiser allowing business rules for structure management and Calculator
 Plugins to provide a range of structure based properties interesting to
 researchers for content held by the provider.
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