CCL: question on molecular orbitals in CO and NO

 Sent to CCL by: Sengen Sun [sengensun^_^]
 I like Steinmetz?s comment ?that Hoffmann is a poet
 and uses metaphors to convey insight.?
 This is exactly my problem to understand metaphors.
 But based on the direct meaning of word-by-word, there
 could be the following choices:
 (A) There are clearly different philosophical opinions
 on orbitals based on the quote and the discussions.
 (B) No issue here. All the opinions are essentially
 the same.
 (C) It is not clear whether there is a difference.
 (D) All A, B, and C.
 (E) Not A, not B, and not C.
 My choice is A.
 Has photoelectron spectroscopy provided us with
 experimental proof of the ways orbitals interact?
 To Hoffmann, the answer is yes.
 To Noko Phala, Ulrike Salzner and an anonymity, the
 answer is NO.
 To Alan Shusterman, yes and no (it depends). (Correct
 me if I am wrong).
 This is actually my original concern. Science has
 advanced to such an stage of complexity that
 scientists have the difficulty to understand each
 other even how to define an issue. I bet that students
 like me have a hard time to understand.
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