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I had a slightly different e-mail written for the CCL readers. I won't fill your e-mail, so I'll include a small addendum to the announcement that Dr. Leitl forwarded.
Open Babel is largely volunteer project. It is free, open source chemistry software provided for the community at large. Besides converting between a range of computational chemistry (and other) file formats, the code library makes it easy to develop C++ chemistry programs. A range of examples is provided, including "obgrep" for SMARTS searching any file readable by Open Babel, "obfit" which can batch-align molecules by SMARTS patterns, and the new 2.0 release adds support for Python and Perl scripting.
 Again, check Open Babel website for release notes and more information:
Open Babel is also a proud member of the Blue Obelisk movement, a collection of free and open source chemistry projects working together to produce better science and better software.
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 Subject: [OpenBabel-Announce] ANNOUNCE: Open Babel 2.0 Released
 I'm extremely proud to announce the release of Open Babel 2.0.0, the
 latest stable version of the free chemistry file translation program
 and chemistry software library. This release marks the fourth
 "birthday" of the Open Babel project and a milestone for a stable,
 flexible interface for developers and users alike.
 OpenBabel is a project designed to pick up where Babel left off, as a
 cross-platform program and library designed to interconvert between
 many file formats used in molecular modeling, computational chemistry
 and related areas.
 Highlights of the 2.0 release include a new conversion framework
 making it easier to develop new translators, dramatically improved
 support for merging, splitting, and batch conversion, a framework for
 molecular fingerprints, similarity searching, a fast molecular
 database format, support for Perl and Python scripting "wrappers,"
 automatic support for reading .gz (gzip) compressed files, support
 for the new IUPAC/NIST InChI identifiers and more.
 What's new? See the release notes at:
 To download, see:
 For more information, see the project website at:
 Many thanks to all the contributors to Open Babel. Particular thanks
 go to (in no particular order) Jean Br?fort, Nick England, David
 Hoekman, Elmar Krieger, Christian Laggner, Chris Morley, and Chris
 Swain for helping to get this release out the door.
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