CCL:G: NBO error

 Sent to CCL by: "Ricky  Shen" []
 I'm a new subscriber of CCL. Im so sorry if the problem are repeated to
 previous. I searched the CCL but cant find the answer.
  A NBO calculation gives the error message: "NBO cannot handle linearly
 dependant basis sets"  and does not give the result of NBO calcultions
  Gaussian version: G98 a11
  Input file:
  p b3lyp 6-311++g** nmr iop(10/46=1) pop=nboread
   No title specified
   0  1
  16    0.000000    0.000000   -3.515383
   7    0.000000    1.258723   -2.490845
 nbo nlmo bndidx ncs end
 How to resolve this problem? Thank You very much
 Richy Shen