CCL: FINAL CALL for Papers - Advances in Pharmacophores and 3D Screening

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 The symposium will span two half day sessions one focusing on "New
 Approaches" and the other on "Applications".
 I am looking for 2-3 additional papers to complete the program.
 Because the deadline for external submissions has passed, if you are
 interested in submitting a paper please forward your title abstract and
 contact information directly to me at this Email address.  I will manually
 submit your paper on your behalf... will keep this open until December 9th.
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 Subject: [CHMINF-L] Second Call for Papers - Advances in Pharmacophores and
 3D Screening
 Please note the deadline for submission of abstracts through OASYS is
 November 23.  We still have a number of openings for oral presentations.
 Feel free to contact me for any questions.
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 Subject: Call for Papers - Advances in Pharmacophores and 3D Screening
 Advances in Pharmacophores and 3D Screening
 Organized by Chemical Information Division (CINF)
 Co-sponsored by Computers in Chemistry (COMP), and Medicinal Chemistry
 (MEDI) Divisions
 At 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 26-30, 2006
 Recent developments in three-dimensional screening and data-mining
 techniques will be covered with specific focus in pharmacophores and
 If you are interested in being a speaker for this symposium, please submit
 an abstract via the ACS OASYS system. A direct link to the CINF sessions is
 The deadline for abstract submission is November 23.
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