CCL: PES scan of biphenyl

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 Hi Xu,
 The PES has been calculated before. See,
 (1) Cacelli, I.; Prampolini, G. Torsional Barriers and
 Correlations between Dihedarls in p-Polyphenyls. J.
 Phys. Chem. A 2003, 107, 8665-8670.
 In order to scan the PES with respect to the internal
 rotation of the phenyl groups, you need to define the
 internal rotational coordinate properly.
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 > I have a question about the potential energy surface
 > scan for biphenyl (C12H10) about the dihedral angle
 > between the two phenyl rings.  The purpose of this
 > calculation is to find out the rotational barrier of
 > two phenyl rings.  However, it seems that instead of
 > twisting the entire phenyl group, only a single
 > carbon and hydrogen atom move as I do the scan.  I
 > know some researchers have done this kind of work
 > before.  I wonder if anyone of you knows how to work
 > this out. PS, I was using Gaussview 3.09 to build up
 > the input file.  Thanks!
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