CCL: CCL and Google Base

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 Matt Thompson thompsma~! wrote:
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 This is sort of a meta-question, but I thought I'd ask the list what, if
 anything, you think we could do with Google Base?:
 I can imagine many things could be added to it (basis sets, PES, &c.)
 depending on how well the service can handle that data, but many of
 those already have a database in one place or another.  I suppose the
 best thing would be if some of that data could be bulk-uploaded for easy
 searching (like many here, I'd guess, I keep a folder of bookmarks that
 has EMSL, the NIST databases, et al, but one central, easily searchable
 location would be nice).
Just for fun, I added an entry on ethane that includes its heat of formation. But I'm not convinced that google base is the ideal repository for a thermochemistry database...