CCL: water melting simulation

 Sent to CCL by: Yao-Ying Chien [chieny!^!]
I am interested in water melting simulation (from ice to water; (would be nice if ) then water to ice). It must have been done extensively. I did a quick search in SCI, but got (too) many returns. Read a few of them, but could not pin point who are the first ones simulated water melting successfully. Could you please point me the right keywords for the literature search? Pointers to Review papers or Web sites are great! Names of pioneers who failed but laid the foundation for others to succeed are welcome too.
A scientist I ran into 2 years ago at ACS meeting told me a Japanese scientist has done it on supercomputer. Could you please tell me the name of the Japanese scientist, or the year, to help me narrow down the literature search?
A scientist mentioned that MD can do it. Is that so? My intuition is that some quantum level simulation may involve.
Basically, I wish to see motion pictures when water melts (and hopefully become ice again). How the 1st few ice molecules decide to break their H-bonds to form a cluster of water molecules. And why do they break-- does it require some form of "seed" in the neighborhood to initiate the process? Does the same "seed" initiate the freezing as well? Any evidences to support or against the observations (or the predictions) in the simulations?
 Yao-Ying Chien