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 Universit degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
 	School of graduate studies
 	 Multiscale Modelling, Computational Simulations and Characterization in
 Material and Life Sciences
 The School is aimed at providing students with a sound working knowledge of
 modern mathematical, computational and statistical modelling methods and
 algorithms as well as innovative experimental techniques for the
 characterization of complex systems at a multiscale level. The students will
 learn to apply this knowledge both in the field of material and life sciences
 working in multi-disciplinary well-integrated teams that emphasize the benefit
 of coordinated, iterative interactions between specialists in
 modelling/simulation and experimentalists.
 Topics in material and life sciences. Combinatorial and Numerical Algorithms,
 Computer Graphics, Chemo- and Bio-informatics, Experimental characterization of
 structures  and properties, Human Computer Interface,  Mathematical and
 computational Modelling, Neuroimaging, Statistical Modelling and Chemometrics.
 Doctoral Program This is a 3 years full-time course that includes introductory,
 basic and elective courses, seminars, tutorials, computer and experimental
 laboratory sessions and project work to produce a final dissertation on original
 themes of high standard in the international scientific framework. Stages in
 qualified research institutes in Italy and abroad are part of the student
 preparation as well.
 Possible positions achieved by graduated doctors.  Students following this
 multi-disciplinary training will acquire the mathematical skills, chemical,
 engineering and biological insight, computational and experimental know-how
 necessary for tackling real-world problems. They will therefore be highly
 adaptable, with great employment prospects.
 Entry requirements. A second class honours degree or equivalent in a science,
 biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, medical or engineering subject. Admission is
 granted on a competitive basis. A Commission examines the CVs of the candidates
 and evaluates, in an interview (in Italian or English), their abilities to carry
 out research. Please refer to the Announcement published in the web site
 Scholarships The School awards 6 scholarships on a merit basis, two of which are
 reserved for candidates from universities other than the funding institution.
 Each scholarship is for about Euro 10.500 per year plus School tuition fees. The
 study grant is increased by 50% per month (for a maximum of 18 months) for time
 spent by the student at institutions abroad.  For students who do not hold a
 scholarship, the tuition and registration fees amount to about Euro 1000 per
 year, depending on the income.
 Deadlines for application The notice of the competitive examination for the
 Doctoral Programs is issued Between October and November together with the
 number of places and scholarships available. The application for admission
 ( must be submitted within 30 days of the published notice.
 Candidates are evaluated in December - January. The Courses begin on
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