CCL: Now you can filter your CCL mail and new services from CCL

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 Dear CCL Members,
 I would like to announce the availability of the CCL mail filter gizmo.
 Now you can filter out CCL messages that you do not want to receive.
 Use of the filter is optional. If you do not set up the filter you will
 get all CCL messages. While this is not an easy tool to use, you have
 a lot of flexibility. You will need to learn the basics of Perl regular
 expressions (flexible text matches). Check:
 if you are not familiar with them. Perl is a very powerful language for text
 processing (among others) and time spent on learning Perl will be returned
 manifold through your increased productivity that will free you from boring,
 and repetitive editing tasks. The filter requires you to specify a number
 of regular expressions and their "score". The scores of the
 expressions that
 matched the message are added and if the sum is not negative, the message
 is delivered to you. Report bugs to me, since it not tested well.
 I use also this occasion to appeal to your good will and ask for you support
 for CCL. I really need it. The new support options are available. Check:
 Beside the Job Advertising (got several kudos lately -- it really works!)
 you can now:
    1) announce your workshops and conferences
    2) place advertising banner of your organization on CCL Web pages
    3) buy DVD with CCL archives
 Please do not look at it as a charity. CCL site is a well visited
 and indexed by all major Search Engine robots. Placing your ad
 on CCL will enhance your score on Google and bring good publicity
 and visibility. Let your boss and/or friends know about these opportunities.
 The fresh copy of the CCL archives will allow you to search 2.5 Gigabytes
 of CCL accumulated content on your local computer.
 Your support is essential for keeping CCL running and my work on its
 Your CCL Unmoderator
 Jan Labanowski
 jkl .