CCL: The PDBbind database version 2004 is being released

 Sent to CCL by: "Renxiao  Wang" [renxiao :]
 Dear researchers,
 We are glad to announce a new release of the PDBbind database, i.e. v.2004. The
 PDBbind database, publicly accessible at, is constructed to provide a
 collection of binding affinity data for the protein-ligand complexes in the
 Protein Data Bank (PDB). This updated version has binding affinity data (Kd, Ki,
 & IC50) for over 2,200 protein-ligand complexes released by PDB before
 The PDBbind database is developed in Dr. Shaomeng Wang's group at the University
 of Michigan. All of the current registered users may still access this database
 through their existing accounts. Other researchers who are interested are
 welcome to explore it through a demo account set on our web site.
 Best regards,
 Renxiao Wang, Ph.D.
 Research Investigator
 University of Michigan Medical School