CCL: Program/Schedule for European eCheminfo InterAction meeting (November 9,10)

The European eCheminfo InterAction meeting "Applications of Cheminformatics and Chemical Modelling to Drug Discovery" takes place in Basel, Switzerland next week (November 9-10).  The schedule with list of presentations and discussion sessions is available at:

The eCheminfo meeting runs concurrently with our InnovationWell Community meeting; registrants are welcome to attend sessions from either program.  Further details, such as abstracts and speaker bios, can be viewed in the Program areas of either the or the websites.

We will be closing registrations shortly, so please let us know quickly if you'd like to come.  Register through the websites or contact Nicki Douglas (nicki.douglas at, +41 61 851 04 61)

And if you can't make the meeting, you can access the recordings and presentation materials if you become a member of one of these communities. You will also have access to all previous sessions (including those from last month's US InterAction meetings in Philadelphia being released this month).

Best regards,
Barry Hardy
Community of Practice Manager
Douglas Connect, Switzerland
tel: +41 61 851 0170