CCL: using the aug-cc-pv6z basis set

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 Dear Sujata,
 > I'm trying to perform a ccsd(t)/aug-cc-pV6Z calculation (on a molecule =
 > containing aluminum) with the  G03 software. The job runs for about 2 =
 > seconds and crashes giving the message:=20
 > Standard basis: Aug-CC-pV6Z (5D, 7F)=20
 > Atomic number out of range in CCPV6Z.=20
 > =20
 It sounds like the Al aug-cc-pV6Z basis set is not (yet) implemented
 as a standard basis set in Gaussian. Just download it from the EMSL
 basis set order form:
 and input it as a general basis set.
 Hope that helps,
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