RE: Force Constants

1 eV = 1.60218 x 10^-19 J
 	thus  1 eV/A = (1.60218 x 10^-19 J)/(10^-10 m) = 1.60218 x 10^-9 N
 	and 1 N = 6.2415 x 10^8 eV/A
 1 dyne = 10^-5 N  thus 1 mDyne = 10^-11 N
 So the conversion factor is 1 mdyne/A = 6.2415 x 10^-3 eV/A^2.
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 Subject: CCL:Force Constants
 Could someone on this list please suggest how I could obtain a force-constant
 for a diatomic and triatomic molecule in eV/A^2 instead of mDyne/A.  I am using
 Gaussian at the B3LYP/MP2 level.
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