Re: CCL:Single point calculation in CRYSTAL03

"Ojwang, J.G.O." wrote:
 > Dear all,
 > Is there anyone with an idea on how to perform single point calculation in
 CRYSTAL03 without geometry optimisation of the internal coordinates, something
 like freezing the atoms while expandinbg the lattice.
 Dear Ojwang, J.G.O.,
 the default choice of CRYSTAL03 is a single point calculation.
 Optimization of internal coordinates is requested by the keyword
 (the program checks if there are internals degrees of freedom).
 See => tutorials => Total
 energy single
 You can modify the lattice parameters for each single point run,
 keeping constant the internal (fractionary) coordinates of the atoms.
 In case of molecular crystals, the keyword MOLEXP allows
 modification of the lattice parameters, keeping constant the
 internal coordinates and the fractionary coordinate of the
 barycentre of each molecule.
 CRYSTAL support team Torino