RE: Radical Dimerization

I reproduce May's original post:  (for textual analysis :-)
 > Hello,CCLers
 > I want to study theoretically the Radical Dimerization of some monomers;
 > I would like to know, in particularly, why some dimizations is not acceble
 > (we can not build the polymer from this monomers). My question is: what are
 > the properties (total energy, spin density, charge density  ), that I
 > calculate, in order to answer on this problem?
 > Best regard
 > may abdelghani
 'acceble' is missing some letters and could be either 'acceptable' or
 'accessible'.  Assuming the 2nd interpretation, the idea would be that if the
 monomer doesn't dimerize, it doesn't polymerize because dimerization is the
 first step of polymerization.
 Perhaps there is some parameter from conceptual density functional theory that
 indicates the propensity for radical attack.  Of course you could also calculate
 activation energy for the process by calculating the transition state, e.g. for
 polyethylene:  CH3CH2. + CH2CH2 --> CH3CH2CH2CH2.
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 Hello,CCLers (Mr Wai-To Chan)
 Thank you very much Dr Wai-To Chan, for your reply
 (help) on my message (problem),
 What is the difference between the tow
 The problem in other world; what is the factors that difficult (or help) the
 polymer formation.
 >     When you said 'dimerization is not *acceptable*'
 > did you mean that
 > dimerization is not desired for the purpose of the synthesis of a
 > polymer or did you mean you cannot build a polymer because the radical
 > monomers fail to dimerize?
 What is the difference between the tow ? or what is the factors that difficult
 (or help) the polymer formation.
 best regards
 may abdelghani
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