Re: CCL:W:gOpenMol and Gamess MO plotting

 At 01:11 -0400 3/6/05, Gustavo, , Mercier wrote:
I am interested in plotting MO's computed using GAMESS-US. I've tried several programs with limited succes (molden, molekel, orbdraw) and now I am trying gOpenMol.
Looking at the manual etc I need to generate a cube file that will be converted to the plt format read by gOpenMol using a plugin. However, it is not clear to me how to generate the cube file using GAMESS-US.
Look at the keyword PLTORB in the $CONTRL section of the Gamess' manual, then as stated in the gOpenMol pages, use Gamess2plt to convert a Gamess "cube" PUNCH file to a plt file. Otherwise if you can use a Mac , the program MacMolPlt is the easiest way of doing what you need.
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