"New Horizons in Molecular Informatics", Cambridge/UK, 7/12/2004

 Dear CCL'lers,
I would like to invite you to a one-day symposium taking place in Cambridge/UK on 7 December 2004 on
 "New Horizons to Molecular Informatics"
The (slightly abstract) text from the conference brochure: "This symposium addresses how we can best create, manipulate and integrate molecular data to deepen our understanding of molecules and their properties and to allow novel in-silico experimentation. In particular, speakers will discuss optimising the chances of discovery resulting from applications of informatics technologies."
To give a few keywords: in-silico metabolic pathways, virtual screening, bioinformatics and society, computer-aided drug discovery to improve attrition rates, representation of chemical information (CML/XML) and applications of electronic notebooks will be discussed.
Speakers include Johann Gasteiger (University of Erlangen, Germany), Peter Willett (University of Sheffield, England), Michael Ashburner (European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, England), Jonathan Mason (Pfizer Global Research & Development), Peter Murray-Rust (University of Cambridge, England) and Allan Ferguson (Merck & Co.).
More information can be found at http://www.mmsconferencing.com/informatics.html and the complete program can be downloaded from http://www.mmsconferencing.com/pdf/New_Horizons_Brochure_final.pdf
For those interested and staying overnight I can also offer a guided tour through the historical pubs of Cambridge after the symposium.
 Best wishes,
 ab454..at..cam.ac.uk - Andreas.Bender..at..Alumni.TU-Berlin.DE
 Andreas Kieron Patrick Bender http://www.andreasbender.de