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Dear Mr. Richter
 For academic users MOLOC is free ( This is  a molecular modeling
 package designed with emphasis on high interactivity
 and contains almost everything what is needed in computer-aided molecular
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 Dear colleagues,
 thanks for the responses so far. Apparently my question was not formulated
 clear enough. Having pdb files containing organic molecules but no
 records most programs (pymol,sybyl,cactus,babel,weblab viewer ...) are
 able to convert the structure to various formats. However, in most cases,
 multiple bonds, aromatic systems etc are not recognized (correctly) just
 > from the
 atomic coordinates. Thus a phenyl ring will turn up as cyclohexyl and so
 I am sure there is software around which can do this task properly.
 Thanks again,
 (I just tried MOE - no failures up to now, but this isn't exactly
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