ADMET-1 Conference Update, Feb 11-13, San Diego, CA

 Please plan to attend the ADMET-1 Conference.
 ADMET-1 will be held February 11-13, 2004 in San Diego, California.
 For more information, see the Conference URL:
 ADMET-1 will be an international meeting bringing together leaders
 in the computational and experimental areas of ADMET. The meeting will
 consist of invited lectures, poster talks, as well as scientific and
 vendor workshop presentations. The lectures will focus on theory and
 application of both computational and experimental ADMET approaches.
 In addition, lecturers will be asked to mention explicitly how they
 handle structural diversity and noisy data characteristic of ADMET
 The Conference organizer, Scherago International, is sponsoring ADMET
 STUDENT TRAVEL GRANT AWARDS of $250 each. This year there will be four
 (4) travel grants.  The deadline for applying for these ADMET travel
 grants is the same as the poster submission deadline: December 5, 2003.
 Students who receive travel grant awards will also receive their
 registration fee paid for by Scherago International.
 Undergraduate and Graduate students who wish their posters to be
 considered for the ADMET Student Travel Grant awards must first
 submit their abstract online via the web submission form and then send
 an e-mail to Professor Tony Hopfinger, University of Illinois at Chicago,
 USA ( with the following information:
 	1. Name
 	2. Title of Poster paper submitted
 	3. E-mail address
 	4. Phone number
 The four (4) students will received the travel grants (and
 complimentary registration) be notified by the end of December 2003.
 ADMET-1 Conference
   February 11-13, 2004
     Town & Country Hotel
       San Diego, California
 - Steve Heller, NIST, USA (
 - Tony Hopfinger, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA (
 Organizing Committee:
   Susan Bassett, Bioreason, USA;
   Kevin Geiss, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, USA;
   Osman Guner, Accelyrs, USA;
   Peter Gund, IBM Life Sciences Pharmaceutical R&D Solutions, USA;
   Philip Judson, LHASA/University of Leeds, UK;
   Daniel A Kleier, Dupont, USA;
   D.J. Livingstone, ChemQuest, UK;
   Edward Matthews, Food & Drug Administration, USA;
   Donna Morrall, Proctor & Gamble, USA;
   Ann M Richard, US Environmental Protection Agency, USA;
   Patrick Sinko, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA;
   Sung-Sau So, Hoffmann-La Roche, USA;
   Ikumi Tamai, Tokyo University of Science;
   Gil Veith, US Environmental Protection Agency, USA;
   David A. Winkler, CSIRO Molecular Science, Australia;
   Antony Williams, ACD/Labs, Canada;
   Chihae Yang, Leadscope, USA.
 Session Topics:
 - Computational Toxicology
 - Computational Metabolism/Excretion
 - Experimental ADMET
 - Computational Absorption/Distribution
 Other Sessions, Technical Workshops and Exhibitors: (as of October 2003)
 - There will also be scientific workshops on Tox-ML and the Predictive
   Metabolism/Toxicology Consortium
 - Workshops/Exhibitors: Accelyrs, ACDLabs, Bio-Rad, LHASA, LION, MDL,
                         Simulations-Plus, Tryverse, Leadscope, Prous Science
   Gordon Amidon (University of Michigan),
   Johnny Gasteiger (University of Erlangen, Germany),
   Edwin J. Matthews (Food & Drug Administration, USA),
   Ann Richard (US Environmental Protection Agency, USA),
   Philip Lee (Dupont, USA),
   Daniel A. Norris (LION Bioscience, USA),
   Akira Tsuji (Kanazawa University, Japan),
   Mike H Abraham (University College London, England),
   William J. Egan (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, USA),
   Dhiren Thakker (University of North Carolina, USA)
 Student Travel Grants will be available, see
 Registration Fees:
         Students             :  $200
         University/Government:  $300
         Industry             :  $400
 A registration form can be downloaded from:
 SCHERAGO INTERNATIONAL - 11 Penn Plaza, Ste 1003, New York, NY 10001
 Tel:   1-212-643-1750 ext. 20   / Fax: 1-212-643-1758
 Email:       / Website: