Summary: Cartesian convert to Z-matrix?

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 Dear CCLers,
 Does anyone know a free software can convert Cartesian coordinates to
 Z-matrix? Thanks.
 Have a good day!
      There is an old(c 1987) program from Serena that may do what
 you want(P.C. model.)  Load your Cartesian file and then re-save as a
        I will give it a shot and maye you can send me your file and I can
 convert it for you.
 Not free, but if you have coords in CHARMM, there is a command to output
 a Z-matrix; see the GAUSsian keyword for the IC command in intcor.doc
 Rick Venable           29/500
 You can usually do this with one of the public versions of MOPAC.
 Stephen Bowlus
 I guess Molden should be able to do that trick (although getting a z-matrix
 > from cartesian coordinates is not at all a simple transformation, see
 previous posts to ccl by other people) I sadley dont have the URL here but
 google should have no problems finding the site.
 Not free but shareware: Mol2Mol can do it and has several options how to
 create the Z-matrix.
 Marcel Swart
                  You should visit my home page, where
 you'll find a
 small programme I wrotte some time ago, Xyz2zmat. It does what you want. It
 optionally accepts a connectivity matrix together with the cart coords to
 force a given zmat.
                  Hope this helps.
 Thank you very much, guys, I really appreciate it. Bless you!
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