Last Call for Papers: ACS NY - Data Integration: What's New?

 At this ACS Meeting this coming September 7-11, 2003, there will be a
 symposium entitled 'Emerging Trends in Discovery Data Integration' and I
 invite you to participate!
 We're all familiar with the idea of data integration, having talked about it
 for years and even made substantial progress toward 'putting it all
 together,' but the landscape is changing.  Today's integration is much more
 complex than yesterday's because of new technologies and new business
 Suggested topics for talks in this session are:
 -	The various _types_ of data to be brought together - more diverse
 than in the past
 -	The increasing demand for coherent functioning of diverse systems
 -	Different perspectives on what 'integration' means.
 -	Enabling technologies - from a scientist's perspective
 -	Federation vs. data warehousing
 -	Information integration across organizational/functional/national
 -	Novel user interfaces that help get the job done
 If you have other ideas about discovery data integration, please let me
 You can submit abstracts on-line using OASYS
 e-mail, fax, or mail.  See below for addresses:
 Questions and ideas are also welcome.
 See you in New York!
 Mitch Miller
 Mitchell Miller, Ph.D.
 LION bioscience
 Tel. 801 569 1390