Autodock - sort routine for docked runs

Hi to all,
 I just started using Autodock. After eyeballing the first results, I
 started to wonder whether or not there is a way of resorting the docked
 conformations according to the different energies (e.g. Final Docked
 Energy, Final Intermolecular Energy etc.). I couldn't find an according
 tool in the share directory, therefore I wanted to ask if anybody could
 guide me to a link or similar where I can get something like that.
 I would appreciate any tool that is easily portable to Linux (e.g.
 fortran, c, c++, perl, etc), since it would save me the time for
 programming it myself ...
 Many thanks in advance,
 Nik Stiefl
 University of Wuerzburg
 Department of Pharmacy
 Chemometriks group
 Am Hubland
 97074 Wuerzburg, Germany
 nikolaus.stiefl -AatT-