RE: CCL:help

 A compiler is a good thing to have, especially if you want to install
 AutodockTools.  You can find one for your system at (download
 gcc-3.0.4), or at the
 GCC website  I have installed and used the one
 > from the SGI freeware site, it works quite well.  Good luck,
 >===== Original Message From Luciana Marinelli <luci %! at !%>
 >hi autodock users,
 >I don't have any compiletor (as fortran or C) so I can't compile the
 >executable (autotors, atmtobnd,makelaunch, protonate). I am working on a
 >Silicon Graphics R10000 with the operation system IRIX64_6.5, so, who is
 >so kind to send me the above mentioned executables already compiled?
 >thanks a lot
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