In silico solutions for drug discovery

Schrodinger is pleased to announce the release of FirstDiscovery 2.0, which
 contains breakthrough technology designed to accelerate the drug-discovery
 process and reduce development costs.  Leading pharmaceutical and
 biopharmaceutical companies, including Aventis, Bristol-Myers Squibb,
 Boehringer-Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline and Albany Molecular, have integrated
 this software into their discovery processes in order to gain a distinct
 competitive advantage.
 Schrodinger's solution offers exceptional accuracy, by leveraging unique
 expertise in force-field development, solvation modeling, and sampling
 techniques.  Addressing some of the specific problems in traditional drug
 design, Schrodinger's FirstDiscovery suite:
 * reliably identifies lead compounds that meet stringent criteria, early in
 the drug discovery process,
 * complements high-throughput screening (HTS) by reducing the associated
 problems of false positives and false negatives,
 * improves the quality of candidates that proceed into lead optimization and
 Schrodinger's drug-discovery technology includes:
 * Glide, for high throughput virtual library screening based on binding
 affinity.  The latest version of Glide yields much higher enrichment factors
 than previous releases, particularly for difficult classes of compounds, such
 as kinases.
 * QikProp, for high throughput virtual library screening based on
 pharmacokinetic properties.  The latest version of QikProp is capable of
 screening 150,000 compounds per hour per processor.
 * Liaison, for lead optimization.  Liaison evaluates binding affinity of drug
 candidates much more accurately than scoring functions.
 * QSite, for in-depth analysis of active-site chemistry.  QSite expands the
 unique strengths of the Jaguar quantum chemistry package to protein chemistry.
 * MacroModel, for general-purpose studies of organic molecules.  The latest
 version of MacroModel has powerful new features for exploration of proteins
 and protein-ligand complexes, including an easy to use feature for multiple
 minimization of docked ligands.
 Schrodinger provides world-class software and services designed to improve
 return on investment for drug discovery research.  To find out more about
 Schrodinger's leading-edge scientific solutions, please contact
 info |-at-| or visit