Training Course on Computer Assisted Molecular Design and Combinatorial Chemistry

Dear Colleagues,
 The International Centre for Science and High Technology, a technology arm
 of the UNIDO, will hold a training course on "Molecular Design and Computer
 assisted Combinatorial Chemistry" at the AREA Science Park in Trieste,
 Italy from 1-5 July, 2002. The course aims to train participants coming
 > from Central-East European and Mediterranean Countries. It will include
 practical sessions to illustrate some applications of various software used
 in R&D centres and industries. Interested persons from developing countries
 > from other regions are welcome to apply for the few remaining slots. See
 hereunder for more details or check our website (
 ) for updates.
 Course contents:
 - Introduction to combinatorial chemistry and technology
 - Molecular databases, sequence alignment, database searching
 - Molecular diversity and similarity principles
 - Design of combinatorial libraries, analysis and screening
 - Computer assisted combinatorial chemistry and drug design methods
 - Introduction to molecular modelling; molecular mechanics and force fields
 - Molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, free energy calculation methods
 - Applications of combinatorial and structure-based molecular design in
 drug design, material sciences, catalysts
 - Practical sessions, country/institutional reports
 The training course is intended for young scientists and technologists from
 developing countries with background in the following areas: chemistry,
 biology, biochemistry, pharmacology as well as material sciences from
 universities, applied research centres and industry. Preference should be
 given to applicants who actively participate in their countries' programs
 on research and industrial application of molecular modelling and
 combinatorial chemistry and combinatorial technologies. As the training
 course will be conducted in English, participants should have an adequate
 working knowledge of the language.
 Participation and Financial Details:
 The training course is sponsored by ICS-UNIDO. There is no registration
 fee. Travel and living expenses will be covered for a limited number of
 participants selected by ICS-UNIDO. The total number of participants from
 CEE and Mediterranean countries is limited to 20. Few slots are reserved
 for self-financed participants.
 Scientific Committee of the Training Course:
 Prof. S. Miertus (ICS-UNIDO, Italy); Dr. V. Frecer (ICS-UNIDO Italy); Dr.
 P. Seneci (NADAG, Germany); Dr. G. Fassina (Xeptagen, Italy).
 Organizing committee:
 Dr. V. Frecer (ICS-UNIDO, Italy), Ms. E. Corazzi (ICS-UNIDO, Italy); Ms. I.
 Ochem (ICS-UNIDO, Italy); Mr. Cristian Bologa (ICS-UNIDO, Italy)
 * In the training course, internationally recognized experts will lecture.
 The closing date for requesting admission is 5 June 2002. Candidates should
 fill-in and send an application form or contact the organizers directly.
 Applicants who have been accepted for the training course will be notified
 by 10 June. All correspondence should be sent to:
 Ms. Emanuela Corazzi
 Pure and Applied Chemistry
 Area Science Park, Padriciano, 99
 Trieste 34012, Italy
 Phone: 0039-040-9228116, Fax: 0039-040-9228115
 E-mail: Emanuela.Corazzi %-% at %-%