g98: TD-DFT geometry optimizations ?

Dear CCL members,
 I have a Gaussian 98 related question:
 According to the g98 users manual (p. 155, TD keyword) it should be
 possible to do Time Dependent DFT geometry optimizations of the N-th
 excited state using the Root=N option.
 However, I can´t find a proper input. The easiest input line
  #P TD=(Root=1) B3LYP/STO-3G Test DENSITY OPT=Z-Matrix
 leads to an error in link 1002:
  (Enter /vol/chemie/libexec/g98.A9/g98/l1002.exe)
  Minotr:  Closed-shell wavefunction.
  Cannot mix post-SCF and DFT.
  Error termination via Lnk1e in /vol/chemie/libexec/g98.A9/g98/l1002.exe.
 I played around with several other options, tried to do the job in a two
 step procedure, like it is described for the CIS method in
 Forsman/Frisch´s "Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure
 all without success. Is it possible to do these calculations?  Anybody out
 there with experience in this topic? The ultimate goal would be to perform
 a normal mode frequency calculation for excited states within the TD-DFT
 Regards, :-)ohannes.
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