Chem 3D Ultra 7.0 as a Gaussian interface.

Thank for your prompt and straight forward reply. However I am surprised that bugs leading to incorrect bond lengths when using Chem 3D as a Gaussian interface was not given higher priority three years and two versions ago.
 I look forward to using version 8.
 Laurence Lavelle
 At 08:52 AM 3/22/2002 -0500, Support wrote:
Just looking back at our correspondence with you, I have found that the three bugs you have reported and other suggestions have not been addressed in 7.0. The main things that have been added to Chem3D since 5.0 are a GAMESS interface and Tinker. Some bugs have been fixed, too. R&D is aware of the items you have reported and we hope to address them in a future version, but it is not clear when that will be.
 Rich Talbot
 Director, Technical Support
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  >-----Original Message-----
  >From:         Laurence Lavelle[lavelle;at;]
  >Date:         Thursday, March 21, 2002  06:54 PM
  >To:           CCL[chemistry;at;]
  >Subject:      Chem 3D Ultra 7.0 as a Gaussian interface.
  >I tried using Chem 3D version 5 as a Gaussian interface some time back
  >it was full of bugs.
  >Anyone having successful use of Chem 3D Ultra 7.0 as a Gaussian
  >interface ?
  >In particular for pdb files ?