Re: CCL:*.xyz files

Check the MIME types of your webserver. Sounds like chemical/x-xyz is
 not registered correctly.
 > Dear CCL
 > I have been trying to put some *.xyz on my web site. they are supposed to
 > show vibrational motion in molecules using the chime plugin. although pdb
 > files work perfectly ,there is always an error reported when I try to look
 > at the vibrations online. they work perfectly well on my local machine
 > though. I sent one of the file + the chime script to a friend to see if she
 > could get it to work via her isp but it didn't. Am I missing something
 > obvious? Can someone help me to get these files to work?
 > I've attached a simple xyz file to this message and the script that I've
 > been using is:
 > <CENTER><embed src=""
 > 		height=239 width=239
 > 		startanim=true
 > 		animmode=ping
 > 		startspin=no
 > 		display3D=ball&stick
 > 		options3D=specular
 > 		frank=no
 > 		BGCOLOR="#000045"
 > 		name="co2 bend"
 > 		script="select all; rotate z-50; rotate y 25; rotate x
 > I hope that someone can explain what I need to do. thanks in advance
 > Roma
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