g98 and jaguar/HP workstations/Itanium

We are considering a new HP workstation for running G98 and jaguar
 jobs.  The systems were looking at are the HP i2000 with the Itanium 800
 Mhz processors and the HP9000 A500 with two PA-8500 or PA 8600
 We would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has run either
 program on either platform.  A particular concern is whether g98 will run
 on the Itanium processor.
 HP say "Of course, all your current PA-RISC binaries will run on
 But what this means in practice is an open question. Also if anyone has
 any other suggestions as to hardware platforms these would be most
 All the best
 Laurence Cuffe
 If requested I will summarize;