SUMMARY: G98W on multi-processor computers

Thanks to those who responded to my question.
 Roy Jensen
 > It was recently discussed and agreed that Gaussian for Windows was
 > compiled for a single processor. One suggestion was to run two jobs at
 > once to make use of the second processor. How does one do this? I
 > presume the method also works on quad-processor PCs.
 Gaussian 98W cannot use more than one processor but you can install
 several copies of Gaussian in different directories, with different
 scratch directories, and run them individually. The Windows Operating
 System dynamically assigns jobs to the processors on the basis of
 usage; each job should go to a different processor.
 One person was concerned that this may violate the Gaussian license.
 Doug Fox responded with an alternate method for starting multiple
 Gaussian jobs (command line from a DOS prompt similar to Unix).
 Although no definitive, I think it resolves this issue.