Forthcoming Seminar Series/ Materials Studio 2.0

 Dear CCL list members
I would like to draw your attention to a forthcoming worldwide seminar series organized by Accelrys, on the subject of Predictive Atomistic Simulations of Reaction Mechanisms, Surfaces and Materials Properties.
The theme of the seminars will be that developments in simulation software, coupled with exponential improvements in the performance of computer hardware, are enabling cost-effective and efficient computer experiments to improve the effectiveness of the R&D process.
The seminars will take place in locations in the US, Europe and Japan, and are being run to coincide with the imminent release of Materials Studio 2.0. This release sees implementation of the QM codes, DMol3 and CASTEP on the PC for the first time, and includes improved transition state search methodologies, as well as advances in other modeling and visualization capabilities.
For further information about the seminar series, including agendas, locations and lists of invited speakers, please visit:
 For further information about Materials Studio, please visit:
 Phil Hastings
 Dr Phil Hastings
 Senior Product Manager, Materials Studio
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