Free MD program for Win95/98 --ADDITION

Dear all CCLers,
 A few days ago, I submitted the article "Free MD program for
 Win95/98 --SUMMARY".
 The orginal question of it is:
 >I am a novice of MD simulation.
 >I'm looking for "free" and "for non-Bio" MD programs
 which are able
 >to run on  Win95/98.
 >If anyone know such MD programs(and I wish they are also easy to use
 >for beginners.) , please teach me.
 >I would like to use them for "MD-learning".
   Here is one additional software for that summary.
   The software's name is "Moldy" which is developed by Keith Refson
   (Keith.Refson ^at^  This is also suitable to my purpose.
   Its URL is . And, in this
 there is
 the announcemet of the Moldy's mailinglists.
  Sorry, I had to include "Moldy" to last summary.
 Sincerely yours,
    Telkuni Tsuru    telmail ^at^