Re: CCL:stable Ih ice

Keith Refson wrote:
 > James Givens writes:
 >  > There is a nice Quicktime animation on H20 transitions at:
 > This is a poorly disguised piece of advertising.  Doesn't it violate
 > the rules if this list, which as I recall permit only straightforward
 > announcements of software of possible interest?
 What? What am I advertising? No commercial solicitation was made.
 No product was mentioned. Just a free QT movie that seemed related
 to a member's query. Nor does the page referenced in my original
 post contain any mention of any of our products. Sheesh.
 > In any case it's yet another poorly designed website which is only
 > accessible to a restricted set of browsers, and one of those which
 > decides from on high that if you are on a unix system you are not
 > worthy to view it.
 The site has been tested with Mac, Windows (3.x/95/98/NT)
 and Linux OS's, and IE (3,4,5) and NN (3,4). As far as we know,
 everything works. If you are having a particular problem, let me
 know and we'll look into it. We know of no purpose served by
 excluding anyone.
 Finally, I find your comment somewhat amusing. It reminds of that
 old joke:
    Two matrons are leaving a restaurant. The first says "Oh,
    I think the food they served here is awful." And the
    second one says: "Yes, and the portions were so small."
 Have a nice day.
 James Givens
 Molecular Arts Corporation            | <jamesg>