RE: SUMMARY: number of rotatable bonds in drug-like molecules: references ?

> Commercial softwares include this descriptor as 'drug like'. MOE has a
 > default value of 5 rotatable bonds. MSI' Cerius2 lists the #
 > of rotatable
 > bonds in the same structural subset  of the descriptor table than the
 > rule-of-5 descriptors, but does not propose  a default value.
 > I don't know
 > about Tripos or OxMol or ... (additional informations welcome).
 > Here is the summary of the answers I get: (!!!! ADDITIONAL ANSWERS ARE
 > WELCOME !!!)
 Hi Jerome,
 Tsar, from Oxford Molecular, has rotatable bond count as an optional
 addition to the Lipinski descriptors. The default limit is set to 8.
 Tsar also (optionally) ignores amide bonds and bonds connected to
 terminal groups, such as Methyl. Tsar calculates and displays the
 descriptors and also produces a column in the spreadsheet of the
 number of violations of the limits. 1 violation might be okay, 2
 might be unacceptable...