Marvin 2.1 released

Please excuse multiple postings.
 Version 2.1 of the Marvin Java applets for drawing and displaying
 chemical structures in HTML pages is released and can now be tried and
 downloaded at
 A new paper showing features is at
 Marvin is free for free Internet sites. (Intranet and Extranet sites:
 50% discount in September.)
 Among other possibilities, Marvin can now be integrated with JChem, our
 new Java based system for searching and handling chemical structures on
 the Web or Intranets (
 We are looking for partners (who would like to integrate our products
 with their software) and distributors.
 If you need our help in upgrading, please send your web page containing
 a previous version of Marvin to support -8 at 8-
 New features:
                easier branching and chain drawing
                smarter rotation of selections
                easy access to many templates: rings, amino
                 acids, polycyclics
                for developers: easy template customization,
                 template groups are stored in SD files
                3D rotation
                colored 3D structures
                pop-up menu at right-click
                     items for zooming, translation, rotation
                     Hydrogen display options
                     clipboard actions
                border in molecule tables
                dialog boxes for error messages
                improved integration with MarvinSketch
                molecule cell selection
                automatic file format recognition
                SMILES and SDF import
                new export formats: Sybyl mol, CML(experimental)
                 XYZ, POV-Ray
                GZIPped file import
                Molfile display and update in separate
                 window (enables easier Molfile
                 export and import)
                Marvin 2 comes in two flavors: AWT and Swing
 Dr. Ferenc Csizmadia
 ChemAxon Ltd.
 Valyog u. 7, H-1032 Budapest, Hungary
 T: +3620 9570988
 mailto:fcsiz -8 at 8-