How to identify a singlet state ( e.g. using mopac ).

Moin Moin.
 As I searched the ccl archive I did not find anything about:
 	'singlet and (identify or identified or identifying or
                   identification or identifier or identifies or identifications
 		or identifiers) and (state
                   or stated or stating or station or stater or states or
 stative 		or stations or stately)
                   and (how or hows) and to'
 Regexp searches do not function right now.
 So I wanted to ask, whether anybody knows how to do that ( Ok. I principle I
 have to find the lowest energy state and look, whether S==1. )
 P.S.: Maybe I overread it, but does anybody know, how to obtain the newest
 ccl-postings without searching the whole server.
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