CCL: Desktop Molecular Visualization Software from MSI

 Molecular Simulation Inc. would like to invite you to try the latest
 version of the WebLab ViewerPro, our popular 3D molecular visualization and
 chemical communications software for the PC. We have just completed the
 initial development of the WebLab ViewerPro 3.2 and would appreciate
 receiving your feedback on this new version.
 New in the WebLab ViewerPro 3.2:
 - Data Table Viewer (spreadsheet-like listing of model data)
 - COM automation support
 - New usability tools (fuse, text, enhanced stereochemistry, ...)
 - Customizable tool bars
 - Much more
 We will be conducting an external beta test, scheduled to end on Monday,
 November 16.   In an effort to encourage, and thank you for your
 participation, we will be giving away five copies of the Viewer Pro.
  Winners will be chosen at random from those submitting feedback. For more
 details, please see the Beta Test links on the WebLab ViewerPro home page
 We look forward to your comments.
 John Wintersteen
 Product Manager, WebLab Viewer Products
 Molecular Simulations Inc.