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 On Tue, 4 Mar 1997 13:44:08 -0500 (GMT) S Parthiban wrote:
 > From: S Parthiban <parthi[ AT ]>
 > Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 13:44:08 -0500 (GMT)
 > Subject: CCL:MPEG files
 > To: chemistry[ AT ]
 > Dear Netters:
 > I would appreciate receiving ftp sites...from where i would like to
 > download the MPEG files related to chemistry..
 > Thanks in advance
 > parthi
 Have a look at the pages that I have set up dealing with molecular animations.
 Many of these are
 MPEGs. However most are much richer in that they contain multistructure XYZ
 files that can be
 played as animations with viewing from any angle, monitoring/graphing of
 geometries and energies,
 Here are some URLs that contain MPEGs.
 These all stem for re_View's homepage
 the main simulation pages are:
 dealing with conformational changes and
 simulating reactions.
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  Re_View's home page (molecular animations or Chem-4D):