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Dear Ari
 There is a paper by Koch & Popelier, in JPC last year which you will find
 useful, as it deals with AIM and H-bonding. (sorry I don't have the full
 reference in front of me, only a preprint) It also has references to other
 AIM studies of H-bonding. A strong correlation between rho at the X--H
 (hydrogen bond) bond critical point and the bond strength is evident from
 these studies. For an AIM study of intramolecular H-bonding see:
   D.K. Taylor, I. Bytheway, D.H.R. Barton, C.A. Bayse, M.B. Hall
 "Toward the Generation of NO in Biological Systems: Theoretical Studies of
 the N2O2 Grouping" Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1995, 60, 435-444.
 As for your output, I'd suggest running either MORPHY or EXTREME on the
 molecule to see if they find the ring critical point - you might need to
 search "by hand" although MORPHY is usually good at picking up these
 critical points. If that fails you might need to look at the basis set and
 check that your total charge density is ok.
 Hope this is of some use.
 Ian Bytheway