MM2 parameters

 Hi! I would like to have MM2 torsion parameters (i.e. v1,v2, & v3
 values) for the following bonds:
 Csp2 - Csp3 - Csp - Csp
 Osp3 - Csp3 - Csp - Csp
 Csp3 - Csp - Csp - Csp2
 Csp2 - Csp2 - Csp - Csp
 Osp3 - Csp2 - Csp - Csp
 Csp2 - Osp3 - Csp2 - Csp
 These bonds are from the following moiety in the molecule:
 I'd like to be directed to the appropriate reference or have the v1,v2 & v3
 Any help would be appreciated very much.
 Thanks in advance,
 Chaya Duraiswami
 Email: Cdurai1.,at,