Gaussian Workshop

        ** Gaussian Workshop in Liege, Belgium, December 3-6 **
  Gaussian, Inc. will be holding a workshop at Universite de Liege, Belgium
  December 3-6 of this year.  This workshop will be cosponsored by Digital
  Equipment Corporation.
  The workshop "Introduction to Gaussian: Theory and Practice," will
  the full range of methods available in the Gaussian package with emphasis
  on new methods and features which make Gaussian applicable to an ever
  widening spectrum of research applications.
  Instructors for the workshop will include Dr. Mike Frisch and Dr. Doug Fox
  (Gaussian, Inc.), Dr. Mike Robb (King's College London), and Dr. George
  Petersson (Wesleyan University).
  The workshop is structured to provide an introduction to electronic
  structure theory as well as a hands-on review for researchers already
  active in the field.  The workshop is open to researchers at all levels
  of academic, government and industrial research.
  The topics to be covered include the following:
   * Introduction to Electronic Structure Theory
   * Model Chemistries: A Framework for Understanding Electronic
      Structure Theory Results
   * Geometry Optimization Techniques
   * Electron Correlation Methods
   * Density Functional Theory Methods
   * Excited State via CI-Singles
   * Thermochemistry via Model Chemistries
   * Predicting Molecular Properties
   * Solvent Effects on Molecular Electronic Structure
   * Gaussian Utilities
   * Estimating Resource Requirements
  There will be hands-on sessions each day between the morning and afternoon
  lectures.  Additional hands-on sessions may be available at other times.
  Workshop participants will be provided with access to a DEC workstation
  to complete exercises, experiment and/or conduct short research topics.
  Each workshop participant will also receive the course materials, the
  Gaussian 94 User's Reference and a copy of Exploring Chemistry with
  Electronic Structure Methods.
  The cost of the workshop is $250.  For further details and application
  procedures, contact the workshop coordinator at Gaussian, Inc. at the
  phone, fax number or e-mail address given below.
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