Re: Hewlett-Packard Printers and Unix Boxes

 > Has anyone had any success using an HP printyer that was directly
 > attached to a Unix box?  If so where were any requisite drivers found?
 I have a HP DeskJet 600C directly attached to a Pentium PC running
 Linux (Kernel 1.2; Slackware distribution). I installed apsfilter
 by running /usr/lib/apsfilter/SETUP. Some points:
 a) printer driver: cdj550 is faster than cdeskjet
 b) device name: /dev/lp1	(/dev/lp0 does not work)
 c) check /etc/printcap file for logic printer names
 APSFILTER is a lineprinter input filter. It also enables non Postscript
 printers to print postscript files automatically. APSFILTER is available
 from ftp.Germany.EU.Net, at /pub/os/Linux/Incoming.EUnet/
 Hope this will help.
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