SUMMARY: CompChem Journals

 Dear CCLers:
 Several days ago I asked the following questions:
    Has anyone of you compiled or seen a list of Journals which are
    mainly devoted to Computational Chemistry and/or Drug Design?
    Are the any web sites where I can find this? Related information
    such as citation rate would be helpful.
 I got some replies which are summarized here. They were very helpful.
 Thanks to those who replied.
 -Leming Shi
 shil -8 at 8-
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 From: jeilers -8 at 8- (Jim Eilers)
 Try   and leads from there.
 From: "Thomas A Adler" <adler -8 at 8->
 I found a list of journals at the following site:
 From: Konrad Hinsen <hinsen -8 at 8->
 Those that have Web sites are listed in
 From: "Lisa M. Balbes" <balbes -8 at 8->
 There are some listed on my web page,  There is a link
 there to Network
 Science, which has an extensive live of other journals.  Good Luck.
 From: Gerd Thys <thys -8 at 8->
 Sounds like a commercial but please try my compilation:
 In the section 'Journals'... I think it's a nice starting point to other
 places too...
 From: "Dr. Neil E. Hoare" <hoaren -8 at 8->
 Several journals have web-sites. The following are some of the modelling
 oriented ones.
 J. Comp-Aid Mol. Des.
 J. Mol. Modelling
 The J.Comp Chem also has a site. (can't find the URL !)
 From: James Crabbe <M.J.C.Crabbe -8 at 8->
 The journal Computers and Chemistry (Elsevier Science) has such articles.
 You could request a copy from d.barry -8 at 8-, or view the web
 at :
 From: Jean-marie Teuler <teuler -8 at 8->
 I have tried to keep a list of chemistry related journals on our Web server
 From: Arthur Wang <arthur -8 at 8->
 My favorate on-line journal concerning with drug design is NetSci, which
 locates at:
 From: Carlo Nervi <nervi -8 at 8->
 On this URL:
 I maintain a list of journals, books, and others, related to chemistry.
 I'll be grateful, also, to anybody will give us further links.
 From: "Alexander Hillisch" <hillisch -8 at 8->
 Hallo CCLers!
 An extensive list of available online journals dealing with
 Biology/Biochemistry/Chemistry/Comp.Chem/Bioinformatics can be found at:
 The first link on this page points to:
  ...another interesting list of journals.
 From: "Dong Xu" <xudong -8 at 8->
 I have a list of journals which cover computational biology/chemistry at
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