Re: CCL:Software from SGI PS to Mac PS?

 On Fri, 6 Sep 1996 Tanaka_Toshimasa |-at-| wrote:
 > Dear All,
 >  Does anyone know of a free or shareware that can convert a SGI
 > postscript file to a macintosh postscript one?
 >  When I used "Mac GS Viewer" it created a PICT file from a SGI
 > but I could't know how to make a postscript file for mac.
 The simpliest way is to print from the application (in your case, GS
 Viewer, but it can be any application) using LaserWriter, to a file, not
 the printer.  So, don't click the "Print" botton too soon, if you know
 what I mean ... :-)
 I heard that the core of the LW software is provided by Adobe ... :-)
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