Gaussian 94 cube files

 Hi everyone,
 A colleague of mine has asked me to obtain the electrostatic potential for a
 series of molecules using the Gaussian 94 Cube=Potential function. The problem
 is the format of the "cube" file. He wants the output to be in the
 <cartesian co-ordinates>	<potential>
 	.			     .
 	.			     .
 	.			     .
 whereas the cube file just contains some information about the size of the cube,
 and the step size in each direction, along with the potentials. I know that the
 cube file contains all the information I need, but I'm not sure how to go
 about getting it! Does anyone know of any programs which will allow me to
 manipulate cube files and produce output containing cartesian co-ordinates and
 potentials, or can anyone offer any tips?
 Yours gratefully,
 Craig Wilson
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