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                       Subject:                              Time:  2:20 PM
   OFFICE MEMO         SoftShell New Products +              Date:  3/22/96
 ===> NEW: SoftShell Press Releases announce new products
 ChemWindow DB (structure drawing and database), SymApps (3-D rendering),
 SoftShell Properties (logP, Molar Refractivity, Henry's Constant), etc.
 Introductory pricing through April of:
 ChemWindow DB: $298 ($799 after April)
 SymApps: $198 ($499 after April), $99 Academic, $49 Student
 SoftShell Properties $198 ($499 after April)
 ===> IS "CHEMWINDOW DB" AN UPGRADE?  Find out at:
 ===> NEW: SoftShell Offers contract database programming
 ===> MORE: Free GIFs Help You Build Your Own Web Site
      These colorful chemistry icons are free. Take one!
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