WWW possiblities

 Dear CCL'ers,
 With the arrival of Chemical MIME, JAVA, JavaScript and soon Microsoft's
 Visual Basic script, a lot is now possible on the WWW.
 For the chemical community, the WWW has become a very handy tool. Literature
 research and finding chemical resources is becoming much easier. But to aid
 the chemical industry, much more is POSSIBLE.
 We are interested in any hearing what kind of applications chemist would
 like to see to help them in their research, production, customer relations,
 marketing etc..
 Any comments will be much appreciated. If desired, the ideas remain
 confidential and perhaps we can implement your suggestions to help your company.
 thanks for your bandwidth,
 P.S. We won't have a stand at the ACS meeting, but you can drop by our
 virtual booth (http://www.betacyte.pt) any time!
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